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I'll take a pregnant woman as an example to explain my treatment idea.

Case Study:Breech baby

Shi-in(BL67)”, on the lateral side of the small toe, about 1 mm from the corner of the nail, is famous acu-point to be effective for breech baby.
But why do we use Shiin? Is it possible to explain the mechanism without using the theory of meridians and energy?
The following flow is the mechanism that I consider.

Stomach is bigger and hip joint is opened externally since the baby is growing

Pelvis gets cramped (= stomach is more comfortable)

Walking with big toe twisted toward the ceiling and little finger twisted toward the ground

Breech baby!

The joint of little finger is locked (lower side of the pelvis is tightened and blood flow would be deteriorated)

Unlock little finger with stimulation on Shi-in(BL67) →  Reverse breech baby!?

This is my idea for that Shi-in works on breech baby.
Throughout such a kind of thinking, I unravel the cause of your condition by observing your movement and structure.

If you want to read the details, please refer here.

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