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Treatment idea for breach baby by contemporary Japanese acupuncture

Shi-in(BL67)”, on the lateral side of the small toe, about 1 mm from the corner of the nail, is one of the most famous acu-point for breech baby. We place moxibustion to Shi-in in Japan.

But why do we use Shi-in? Is it possible to explain the mechanism without using the theory of meridians and energy?

The reason for stimulating Shi-in(BL67) is because I think we don’t use Shi-in. Or there is too much stimulation to it so that we calm it down by stimulating.

After my wife had been pregnant, I have started to observe pregnant women more precisely. They tend to walk with their hip joint open externally since their abdomen is getting bigger. This leads entire both leg out. (so-called bandy legs)

And accroringly the waist bends forward more.

When entire legs open out, of course, the ankles also naturally open out.

As you can see by walking with your legs open, it's hard to keep your ankles open and locked.(The talocrural joint, which is the main joint of the ankle, also rotate internally /externally and varus / valgus, but its movement is slight compared to hip joint. that’s why we feel like uncle joint locked.)

Furthermore when the hip joint rotates outward, coxal bone (one of pelvic bones) opens outward and ischial bone closes inward correspondingly.

it connects that lower side of the hip and anus will be tightened all the time, as a consequence, the blood flow will be poor, and a fetus would feel uncomfortable to be in the pelvis.

They start to feel the upper part of the abdomen is more comfortable than the orifice of the uterus.

And then they would turn my head up(→ breech baby).

* This is my own thinking when I consider the positions of the pelvis and legs.

all pregnant women will walk this way more or less, but of course, many of them won’t face breech baby.

There are many factors whether they experience it or not.

For example, they walking without twisting the legs too much. Or having edema in the body due to food intolerance or good blood flow due to exercise habits etc. would affect to breach baby.

Then why do we use Shi-in(BL67) for treating breech baby?

By twisting your foot, you would use your little finger for walking (= the axis of walking would be the base of your little finger), which solidify your little finger joint.

When it happens, since the axis of walking moves from a waist to little finger, you have to tighten your lower hips and walk. (Because my back is bent forward, we can not use our back as an axis. so we walk by using my little fingers and hips as leverages)

Then my lower abdomen becomes more tighten and blood flow gets worse around uterus (Twisting makes it easier to walk with your legs open, but it gives a negative effect on your pelvis at the same time.).

It could be effective to use Shi-in under the condition of "fixing the little finger of the foot by varus ankle".

By placing moxibustion to Shi-in, we could release the tension on little finger joint and also release the tension around of uterus.

But why moxibustion? Why is it the base of little fingernail? I can’t hit upon the reason.

Isn't it okay to use acupuncture at the base of little finger joint instead of placing moxibustion to Shi-in !?

I believe it’s fine personally, however, it is not clear because the number of cases I’ve treated is still a few.

Nevertheless, when the above conditions are matched, so far it has been effective even I use acupuncture.

 Like this way, I find out the cause of your conditions throughout observing your body movement and structure.

Haggis@ glasgow, Scotland.

It is like finger!

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