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Breath balancing / 呼吸解放コース

focus on circulation and lymph drainage


 In our daily life we often find ourselves in crouching posture that restricts our breath, such as when using computer or texting on the mobile.

As the muscle around the shoulder and chest tightens we might take more restricted shallow breath without realizing. Under stress we often forget about breathing all together.

 With treatments we aim to release the tightness around the thorax, diaphragm and the rib cage that is restricting the breath.

 Because of the link between quality of breath and the autonomic nervous system, allowing fuller breath will mean better functioning of the gut and the improved quality of sleep. Enhanced breathing will also result in better circulation and lymph drainage, and often clients notice reduced puffiness in the facial area after treatment. It is my wish to be able to help each client achieve their fullest potential through restoring and enhancing the body performance.


一日中パソコンの前に座り腕を前に出した状態でいると、それに伴って肋骨が縮こまってしまい、いつの間にか呼吸が浅くなっています。 呼吸は私たちにとって重要な営みの一つです。

酸素不足によって脳もうまく働かなくなり、身体のパフォーマンスが気づかないうちに下がっていっています。 縮こまった肋骨を拡げたり、横隔膜への負荷を下げてより深く正しく呼吸できるようにするのがこのコースです。 呼吸は自律神経にも関連してくることなので、不定愁訴で苦しんでおられる方や自律神経の調子が良くないと言う方にも効果的なコースです。

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