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Abdominal tension release treatment


Release viceral stress from the core / 内臓のストレスを芯から解放する

 I believe that common symptoms such as back pain and shoulder ache are caused by imbalance in the pressure within the abdominal cavity.

 Our postural habits as well as habits of digestion can affect the supporting fascia/muscle structures surrounding the organs and the abdominal area, causing poor circulation and build up of pressure in the abdominal cavity.

 I combine the abdominal massage with application of acupuncture to arms and legs to encourage blood flow in the area and to re-balance the pressure. I find this approach to be helpful for treating wide range of chronic conditions, from constipation, skin conditions, gynecological issues to symptoms of dizziness.



 食生活で改善する方法もありますが、お腹へのマッサージ及び腹圧の状態考慮した手足への鍼を通して腹圧を調整する方法も効果的で、組み合わせるのが近道です。 慢性的な凝りは腹圧の偏りから生じていることもあるため、慢性的な凝りを改善したいという方にもおススメです。

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