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  I strongly recommend Yoshimura-sensei! Because he saved my study life in London. His physical and mental support was very helpful to concentrate on studying in London.

  Before moving to London, I had been working as a consultant for ten years. During my life in Tokyo, specialists such as acupunctural doctors and Chiropractors were essential to support my hardworking. Yoshimura-sensei is much better because he provided both flexible acupunctural and manipulative treatment.

 Thanks to his treatment as well as insightful advice living in London, I finally graduated from the master program. Again, I have no hesitation in recommending Yoshimura-sensei!         E.K., Forties, Human resource Mgr

 Jun Yoshimura is a first rate practitioner. I suffer with muscle pain and tension around my shoulders and in my lower back. Jun delivers a very strong and thorough treatment, working energetically and cheerfully throughout the session. I feel the benefits into the following day. I thoroughly recommend Jun for massage and or acupuncture                                                                B.S. , Mid-Fifties, Teaher

I had a treatment with Jun when my physical and mental fatigue were peaked.
Massage and acupuncture given from abundant experience really made me feel lighter like this was really my body!? Through coordination with the abdomen and breathing, the vitality was restored after the treatment, and I regain the strength to work hard physically and mentally.
In addition, I rely on his conversational skills that clearly determine his honest personality.
 Regarding the knee pain after childbirth, which did not improve at other clinics both in Japan and UK, I agree with Jun’s views and am satisfied with his treatment. Actually I am feeling well.
As a permanent residency holder, I just want to appreciate Jun because I can consult my condition by Japanese and he treats me with care and sincerity. It is truly valuable asset for me in UK.
Thank you for your continuous support!                                                                           Y.B. , Forties, Hygienist 

 At the age of 17, I experienced a herniated intervertebral disc, and at the age of 19, I started to suffer from a weakness in right hand grip due to a traffic accident.
 I have tried various therapies, for example massage, acupuncture, shiatsu and even epidural block injection, not only in Japan, but also in Asia and in Europe, Few years ago I received treatment from Jun who successfully got rid of my pain working on the pelvis. Ever since then whenever my body complains I rely on his treatments to get back to health.
 He is a therapist who is very reliable in his attitude,  facing into the patient's pain seriously and explaining logically from the muscular and neurological structural perspectives.                  N.N., Forties, Office worker 

 I have session regularly. Jun is trying to catch the deviation from original condition, and he will treat me thoughtfully according to the symptom of concern and a slight change in physical condition. I'm always satisfied, but I feel sorry sometimes since he tells honestly when he is not able to release my tension enough due to the lack of time.
 Also, he will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about living in London, so I especially recommend for those who are not familiar with living in London.
Thank you for looking after me all the time.
                                                                             S.T., Thirties, IT Consultant

 Jun is a rare specialist who consults personally and approaches the conditions logically by showing the cause and basis.He is very enthusiastic and constantly updates information and techniques by participating in workshops. I trust him in such attitude and personality.                                                                     H.M. , Thirties, Art Dealer

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