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These are my protocols to reopen my clinic. I thank you and ask for your patience and understanding in advance.

I have incorporated a new sanitation standard. I set enough intervals between each appointment for extra cleaning/sanitation, ventilation to make sure not to leave any traces of patients.

  *The practice r will be cleaned thoroughly many times a day for your and our safety.
  *Massage couch and all surfa
ces are wiped clean using disinfectant in between patients
  *I will prepare a full couch paper to cover the couch bed for each treatment and avoid use of blankets
*I will recommend not to arrive before or after allocated appointment time to allow a clear passage for each person.
  *The window of treatment room and the ventilation fan on toilet will be always open.
  *Please be assured that I will change my clothes, socks and towels each time.
 I would like to ask patients:
1) to bring your own mask, comfortable clothes( for massage) , and towel for  covering your body.
2)wear a mask upon arrival and take their shoes off before entering the room (Please put them in the box I prepare in treatment room)
3)wash their hands in the recommended way and please let me check your temperature with a non-contact thermometer.

4)put all your belongings into a large plastic box provided in the treatment room.

We will discuss your condition before the treatment, but during the treatment I will keep the conversation to minimal. I ask for your understanding in advance.  

I don’t use massage oil.  As I use Japanese thin towel for massage and treat you over your clothes, I won't touch your skin. If you wish, I am happy to wear gloves.  
I use disposable gloves for Acupuncture. Please wear specific clothes I prepare.
Please feel safe that all acupuncture needles are disposable and I discarded them each time.

Please do not come in for treatment if you have any Covid-19 related symptoms.
These are any of 1) Fever greater than 38°C 2) Breathing difficulty 3)Cough 4) Loss of sense of smell or taste.

Please remain in quarantine for 14 days before making an appointment with us if you have experienced any Covid-19 related symptoms or for a week after any of their house sharers have shown any symptoms.





1)38度以上の熱 2)呼吸困難 3) 咳 4) 嗅覚と味覚の異常


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