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Your unconscious habit might cause your pain!?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Sex: Male. Age: thirties Profession: office worker

Subject: tennis elbow

After he played tennis in muddy condition last weekend, he started to feel pain outside of right elbow. Especially when hitting the ball with backhand.

When I touch the outside, it was not stiff itself. I speculated that this pain was not caused by poor blood circulation of surrounding area, but a "result" that is caused by a different part that was too stiff.

As I observed his posture and balance, I have analyzed that he had a habit of tilting his neck to the right, and this symptom caused this tennis elbow. Therefore, I treated his calf, back, and scapula mainly to change this habit of the neck.

I did not use acupuncture on the affected area at all, but he didn’t feel the pain unless he strongly pressed his elbow by himself.

When considering physical structure of the body, I advised that this tennis elbow was occurred because he couldn’t twist his shoulder and hit the ball for backhand due to the habit of tilting the neck.

He was just surprised to recover his elbow only one session. But he was very happy for that since he was able to play tennis again.

If the cause is not derived from the affected area, I can advise how to prevent the pain by analyzing patients structure and habits.

Not every time, but if I detect the cause, I can eliminate the pain even just one session.

My idea is that pain is a result not a cause.

If you go to various places and have still pain, please feel free to contact me.

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