• Jun Yoshimura

Where does this ankle pain come from??

Patient information:

Teens, Student, subject: left ankle joint pain


She goes to Ballet school and has suffered from ankle pain from one month before. When she rotated her toes internally and externally she felt the pain.


When I was asked her to perform a painful movement, I found that the weight that she had to support by her lower back was transmitted to her ankle joint and ankle joint was overloaded.

The cause why she couldn’t use her lower back well also came from digestive problems (chronic gastritis).

After approaching her thigh and gastritis to remove ancient pin and make lower back condition stable, the pain was disappeared.

Used Acu point: LI4, SP9, BL37

She was happy to be able to ballet from tomorrow.

The cause of the pain may be hidden in such an unexpected place, and if it is removed, the pain may disappear immediately.


She doesn’t come after ankle pain was gone, I just wonder if her stomach condition is gotten worse, her lower back condition would be also worse and then she might have ankle pain.

Ankle pain was the result of lower back condition and lower back might be the result of digestive condition.

What’s the real cause for pain?? I have to study and have more experience to improve my skill.

Such a good fish might cause your house gastritis!?

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