• Jun Yoshimura

The traces of our body and tennis elbow

There are various traces on the limbs that inform you whether you control your body well or not.

When you use a computer, if you feel your fingers, elbows, or shoulders get tired, which would mean that the power from your core is not well transmitted to extremities.

The body has a structure that generates energy for moving at the core and finely transmit its energy towards extremities to use it accurately.

If you complain stiff shoulder by desk work, nevertheless we have to use our back as axis, you use your shoulder as axis unconsciously.And then your shoulder is overloaded and you feel stiffness.

It is basically same theory with above idea regarding the cause of tennis and golf elbow.


I believe the correct form of ball game should be below:

“generate power on our back and adjust the direction of ball hitting by placing hand or foot lightly.”

But if your back, waist, knees etc. would be out of balance, which causes overload on the elbows and you would feel pain.

My way of thinking for treatment is to detect the cause of your complain by considering your past traces, for example, how to move your body, injuries, surgery, internal medicine or gynecological diseases etc.

In this way, I dig the cause of each case deeply.

If you are interested in my approach, please contact me.

Body structure of Sumo wrestler

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