• Jun Yoshimura

Bone= communication between gravity and our body

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

‪My child cut her lower teeth.‬ ‪ Like bone spur, it grows through the communication between gravity and her body.

If we consider that‬ ‪lower teeth was born against gravity, it would be interesting to recognize bone as body position information.

Ascending colon is also very interesting that works against gravity.

I think it is the important point because impurities tend to accumulate.

When I heard that "get the hang of 〜= grab the bone" in Japanese, I was conscious of the clavicle to treat shoulder. I remember that I fully understand its meaning at that time.

Since then, I have always kept this phrase in mind while I treat patients.

‪Nik Bärtsch live set on 15th Nov. 2019

It’s like teeth!

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