• Jun Yoshimura

Acupuncture could do something for not using labor induction drugs.

I have a daughter who was born in 2019.

The doctor had always informed us that her weight was lower than the average in UK while she was in wife’s belly.

Even at 37th week of the medical examination, doctor have diagnosed that her weight inferred from bone length was below the standard in the graph, and in consideration of various risks, he had advised us to give a child by using a labor inducing drug at 40th weeks.

We were opposed to use the inducer and planned to take an echo at a private clinic in 39 weeks to see the condition of our daughter.

Not to use induction drug, I began to treat my wife more frequently from 37th weeks so that my child would be born naturally.

It is generally called “natural delivery” between 37th and 42nd weeks.

40th weeks is a standard, but of course there is no problem even if baby is born in 37th.

I was thinking of supporting my wife when she suffered from labor pain.

I had an idea which points should I select to make her give birth easily.

My answer was "to transmit her muscle energy to the periphery of the uterus and the inside of the femur smoothly."

Many women tend to walk like a penguin when they are pregnant. In other words, they walk with your legs twisted outward. (arms would be twisted outward also by following to big stomach)

If they get used to walk like penguin and their core muscle would be weak(It is hard to built core muscle with penguin walk), it is quite difficult for them to transmit their muscle energy to uterus for giving birth.  

As a symptom of poor energy transmission to uterus, please let me give an example of a cramp in their foot. My wife also has had a cramp more frequent than usual while pregnancy. I think about the reason from the view of structure like below.(If you hit upon another reason, I appreciate it if you inform me)

“As women’s bump is getting bigger, they can't use their lumber as an axis for moving. instead, they try to keep their balance by using their calf more and then calf muscles get tight. It leads to poor blood flow and as a result they would have muscle cramp.)”

I’m good at treating this condition. Because it is my speciality to find the parts we forget to use and improve its condition. This is “SEIDO” acupuncture.

I adjusted her calf so that the force could be transmitted smoothly from the hip to toes. And she doesn’t cramp after.

She also commented “when I walked she began to feel like labor pain (in a positive way).

Of course, not only was the force transmitted smoothly to the lower limbs, but I adjusted upper limbs that were twisted outward. And the weight of the upper body was transmitted to the pelvis as well. (→It would be easier for her to put more force to lower abdomen)

As a result my wife has given birth for eight and a half hours at the 40th week without labor inducing drugs.

This is not a bad time for the first birth since some women spend more than 24 hours.

She said to me “It was really hurt”, but she didn't grasp her hair tightly and shout in an unthinkable voice.

(To make a loud voice is to transmit the force to the uterus by pushing the air out. )

I believe she didn’t shout because she was able to transmit her power without air out by my treatment.

"I think I was able to give birth in a short time thanks to your treatment and yoga” it was her comment when she looked back her birth.

I believe my perspective is correct that I should adjust the power and balance that can no longer be transmitted to the lower abdomen and adductor muscle of her thigh due to the enlarged abdomen properly.

I got a confidence throughout my wife's birth.

If you will have a baby soon and don’t want to use an inducer or a caesarean section, you should try acupuncture.

There are surely things you can do something for your baby without resorting to drugs.

the baby is like a symbol of universe. above picture is taken in Japanese shrine. The center one is the symbol of the god.

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